Game Grumps is an YouTube let's play series created by famous animator Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and game reviewer Jon "JonTron" Jafari. 

Around july 2012, Jon left the show to focus on his own show, JonTron. Fans had been demanding new episodes after months without any update by Jon. Jon and Arin seemed to not be on good terms, however, and there are theories they had a friendship break at E3. Jon had been ignored in the Game Grumps show after his departure for a long time, but as of now, both Jon and Arin have stated they are on good terms and Jon has been acknowledged on the show. 

Jon was replaced with singer Leigh Daniel "Danny Sexbang" Avidan, from the musical comedy group NinjaSexParty.


Like Game Grumps but much shittier.